A Questionable Project Turns Into a Great One!

So, I needed to make a baby sweater for a friend. I went scouting for patterns online and came across the Eyelet Yoke Cardigan Pattern by Lion Brand. It looked adorable. I have to admit, I was REALLY hesitant. I am a bit of a snob when it comes to patterns and yarns. Really, anything that I can buy at Michaels, I usually snub my nose at (wrong, I know). I had some Encore, so I decided to use it to see if I liked the pattern. It turned out great. The pattern was SUPER easy and quick. It came together really nicely and there weren't even that many seams to sew...only 2. Not a huge fan of Encore, but I really never have been. It is much too scratchy and I don't like the way it looks, but, it is cheap and for a run through, it is perfect! I did love the color...
Here it is...Enjoy Baby Lily!!!