Sockapalooza Comes to an End!

Well, they are finished and sent and awaiting approval. I finally finished my Sockapalooza socks after many times of starting over and switching yarns... I ended up using Reynolds Soft Sea Wool in a mustardy color and a pattern that is out of a Reynolds sock pattern book. It was called Barber Pole Socks. I ended up really liking the pattern with the exception of it looking a little more bulky than I had anticipated. As for the yarn, it was a really nice feel. The color is a great fall color too. Anyway, I hope she likes them and they fit too! I can't wait to hear. Here are some pics of the socks:
I also included in the package 2 skeins of a reddish-orange blend of Lorna's Laces as well as some stitch markers...you can always use those right? Here is a pic of the whole package:
As for my Sockapalooza 4 package....IT WAS WONDERFUL!! I received it today from Gloriana and I loved the socks! They fit like a glove and were perfect. She used Koigu in a bluish-purple-green shade and I loved it. I can't wait to wear them this fall/winter with my Birkenstock clogs! She also included in the package a great pouch that she sewed out of some fabric from London and the book Knitting Rules by the Yarn Harlot! Here is a pic of all my goods:
So, that is it. It was a great experience and I loved knitting my first pair of patterned socks and I would do it again in a second. Now, onto other things. Next on my craft list is to make a pair of curtains for Baby C's room... They are waaaayyy overdue and need to be done. As far as knitting goes, everything is a Christmas present for the next few months. Tata


Elizabeth said...

So glad you like the socks and that they fit. Enjoy wearing them this fall/winter. :)

Purl said...

I love my socks! And the Lorna's Laces yarn is beautiful. Thanks so much!