Things other than knitting....

I have decided that I would love to become a sewer as well as a knitter and so I have been trying new things out lately. My mother is an amazing sewer and quilter and she is teaching me as I go. She has given me a wonderful sewing machine and now I am off. I think that knowing how to sew is something that is always useful...especially when you are 5'1" and ALL of your pants need hemmed.
First on my list of projects was a pillowcase dress for Baby C. I finished it today and I am in love. It is exactly what I was looking for. I can't wait to make more for her and for gifts. Here is a pic:

I cheated and didn't use a pillowcase on this one because I didn't want to ruin it on my first stab at this. I just used about 1/3 a yard of quilting fabric and that was it. I bought a spool of ribbon and some frill for the bottom of the dress to spruce it up some. Here is another picture of my photogenic daughter. After 1400 pictures, she has learned to smile when we bring the camera out. Next up on the sewing list besides more pillowcase dresses is a soft book that my mom bought me a kit for. Baby C can chomp on this!

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