Snow Days!!!

I am sitting here in my double chair next to the window looking out into our beautiful backyard at the 4 inches of snow that fell last night. There are so many things on my mind and any other day, this would bring on so much stress for me. For some reason, the gloominess of the day combined with the untouched snow outside brings this calming feeling. I made an extra cup of coffee to drink (although now I wish it was tea!). Baby G is crawling around on the floor playing and that is so fun to watch. I just wonder what goes through his head. I had him and C out in the snow this morning while I shoveled. They were FASCINATED by the snow plow. It is the little things!
These snowy days make me think of knitting. I think of just curling up in a ball on the sofa under a blanket in front of a fireplace and just knitting. Ahhhh, what a nice dream, haha....
Anyway, enough sentiment. I finally got around to taking a pic of the Booga Bag I am working on for my mom. It is intended as a bag to put some of her sewing gadgets in, but we'll see. Here it is. I am knitting it in Noro Silk Garden:

Such an easy knit, I am ashamed to say, but I started it literally 3 years ago and it is another one of those projects that has been sitting there 3/4 done for years. Time to finish and gain some more space!!!!

Next on my list to cast on is The Cambridge Jacket for the hubby. I am quite nervous. I have knit him one sweater before but the complaint was that it was too itchy and we ended up giving it to a good friend so it could actually be worn. So, he is picky...it is actually probably good for me. I will have to learn how to do a lot of pattern rewriting. Here is a pic of the yarn I am going to use. It is Cascade 220 in a taupe color. Also thrown in is a beautiful bag that "A Mingled Yarn" made me for a sockapalooza a couple years ago. I just LOVE it and use it for all of my knitting notions!

The plan is to put my hanks into balls and do the swatch sometime in the next couple of days!

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JLH said...

Lovely bag (lucky mother), lovely blog. Best wishes to you and yours!