An Afternoon Photo Shoot...

I finished my first "me" piece. I LOVE how it turned out (minus numerous flaws when looked at up close). I made a "Party Skirt" using the tutorial over at Creative Spaces. This was a great first piece. I am just getting into sewing, so I am far from experienced! There are lots of beginner techniques that I still need to learn. This tutorial incorporated a zipper into it as well as ruffling, which was great. Both were much easier than I thought they would be.
I used a pink linen fabric from JoAnne's that was on clearance. C is obsessed with the color and wants her very own Party Skirt, so I just may need to attempt the kids version. She was very intrigued by the whole process. C is definitely going to be my arts and crafts girl. It is such a THRILLING feeling to know that she will someday be so interested in learning how to knit and sew.

The only pieces of the tutorial that I changed or would change are:

-I used double my waist size in length of the fabric piece as suggested by the tutorial. Next time I would use less. After ruffling, it was super poofy.
-I would definitely make the bow detachable as suggested. It looks great that way!

After I finished the skirt today, C insisted that we have a fashion show. She took my pic and I took hers...Enjoy!

Photos courtesy of "C"!

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