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So, I have finally added another finished piece of work. It is actually a simple one...a pair of socks. It was the first time in a long time that I knitted socks, so I figured I would go simple and just do the traditional style. It was so much easier than I remembered. I guess turning the heel scared me off before, but now, after getting more knitting experience under my belt, the task was not so frightful. I actually can't wait to add some style to my next pair. These socks were for my niece Isabell whose birthday is on Tuesday. She will be six, so I did a lot of guessing at the size. They turned out fine. I used KnitPick's Memories Sock Yarn that I had hidden away in my stash.

Pattern: Just the Classic Sock Pattern
Yarn: KnitPicks's Memories Sock Yarn
Needles: Size 3 dpn's
Start-Finish: March19-March 21

So, now that I am back on the bandwagon for socks, I want to try out cabled socks and dyeing my own yarn for socks....Stay Posted.

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