To the back...

So, I finished sleeve one and the ribbing on the back and now I am to the pattern. I know, I know, it has been slow. My only excuse is the fact that my 3 month old daughter still wakes up 7-8 times a night and I am now and anxious wreck and exhausted which makes it hard for me to concentrate. So there it is, my pity party. I am done now. The sleeve went well. I am enjoying the yarn for the most part. I can't wait to put it on to see the fit. I think that it will be a nice weight for spring/summer if it ever gets here (it has been 40 degrees the last couple of days and things aren't looking up). The back is going well too. My camera is downloading pics right now to add to the 800 we already have of our daughter, haha, so I will put a picure up when it is finished.
The other new is that I think I am going to start the sweater on the front of the Interweave Knits Spring issue soon. I have decided to use Shine from Knitpicks. I got a color card of them the other day and it feels super nice, so I can't wait to knit with it. I am hoping the sweater looks as good on me as on the model although I am sure it won't work out that way, that is why they are models right?

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