The Knitted Tie Comes Back

So, my husband and I went on a little day trip today to see our friends Jenn and Jay in Baltimore. They were having a couples baby shower for their baby girl who is due in May. It was a nice day. I gave Jenn the Debbie Bliss Baby Shrug that I knitted a couple of weeks ago. She seemed to like it. I ended up knitting a cute pair of baby socks our of the Rowan Cashmerino yarn that I used to make the shrug and they turned out adorable.

But, the funny part of the trip comes when Jay gets dressed to go to the shower. It all started a couple of years ago when Jay, who is a diehard Florida Gators fan, graduated from UPenn Law School. I, as a joke, knit him this bright orange and blue Gators tie with a Gators patch on it. It turned out really good and now holds its place on the stuffed gator that he has in his basement along with the ear flap hat that I made him. So, Jay gets dressed and as we are leaving, grabs the tie from the Gator and puts it on. This is a huge deal; one, because it is a ridiculous looking tie, and two, because Jay is ultra superstitious. You see, Florida is playing in the semifinals tonight, actually right now, and if they don't win (which of course they will win), it is the end of the tie. So, GOOD LUCK GATORS!
My Lovely Husband Modeling the Tie

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