Week 1- A week of SNOW!

Well, our first "big" snowstorm of 2011. A full 12-15 inches of snow. It wouldn't be complete without one incident of getting stuck in the snow by me on my way home from work last night and then getting bailed out by my husband, friendly neighbor and dad:) The kids had a great time this morning! It is so nice to be forced to remember how much fun it is to be so young and be able to just enjoy all of this snow with no worries. So in a blog of handmade things, I think it is only right to include Frosty the jolly snowman!

This week I had a realization...that the Apricot Jacket was not all it was cracked up to be for me. It was started at a time in my life (when C had just been born) in which I was just getting back into knitting. Apricot Jacket was a WONDERFUL journey for me in the sense that it brought back so many techniques and got me back into the knitting world. For this, it was all worth it.
However, when picking it back up to seam it, it was clear that after seaming together the first sleeve and shoulder that it wasn't going fit this body at all. In fact, I wasn't super happy with the way things were coming together. I made the tough decision to frog it. In a time in which I have so many projects to finish...it wasn't worth it to continue :(
So goodbye friend!

Now onto my handmade item of the week. I decided that to work on some baby bibs for all of those wonderful beings that are about to enter this world! We are super excited for so many of our friends to add to their families! This item is a work in progress, these are the beginning results!
The pattern is based off of on from ChickPea Studio with some tweaking, including enlarging the bib a little and changing the neck hole a bit. Loved the idea! I chose terry cloth for the back but I think I would stick to flannel in the future. I also would choose less of a pattern for the front so the embroidery shows up a little better. I know it is hard to see, but it says "I am a material girl" (just like my mom). This bib happens to be for a friend that is a fellow sewer. I LOVED embroidering and hope to to tons more with it. I am again super lucky to have my mom as the expert as some of the things that she has done are AMAZING!!! (I will try to get pictures later) I also have tons of ideas for these bibs, so be on the lookout for future bib creations....

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