A Year of Handmade Goods

I have been thinking about a post like this for a long time, so here it finally is...A Year of Handmade Goods. What does this mean you ask? Well, here is my commitment to one full year, 52 weeks, of a new handmade item every week. I am hoping that this goal will get me going. I have so many ideas, now I am going to execute them!
What better first post than to take a look at MY NEW CRAFT SPACE!
Here it is...full of supplies, ready for this year!


Nic said...

I love your craft space! I need to do something like that. Maybe I'll hire you to help me with that also, haha. I tried to consolidate myself and currently I have taken over a space in the basement, a space in our computer room and the dinning room table (which is mainly where I do most my work lately).

Rachel said...

So jealous! I can't wait to have a space like this.