A week filled with love...and a nursing research paper, work, kiddos, chaos, and school board stuff...so, par for the course!
I will say that though I am a bit behind on posting, there has been a lot going on in this new craft year of mine. I have been sparking some creativity by reading some fellow bloggers (ones that are much more experienced than me). It has been working. Man, there are some ultra creative people out there. I am totally inspired! This week was a particular fun one to read up on blogs. Valentine's has such a crafty feel to it.
Many of my projects from this past week will be revealed after tomorrow of course. I need my valentine to see them first!
I tried my hand at mod podge. It is SO easy! Where have I been all these years? What a great way to spruce up any craft project. I made some "love blocks" after noticing that we are at a loss for Valentine decorations. Thanks to my trusty neighbor and friend, he made the blocks for me, a miracle woodworker. I then used some dollar bin scrap-booking paper and paper letters. Super quick too!

Next up...C and I made some crayons today. We put them into a heart candy mold and then refroze them. She has been saving all of the broken crayons for months now. It puts our little "Harry the Hoarder's" mind at rest to know that we will be reusing them! They go hand in hand with her hand painted valentine's for tomorrow's party at school. She did a beautiful job!
Though it isn't a craft per say, I made these ROCKIN' Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes
from the blog Kevin and Amanda. They were SO good and such a hit. I can't wait to try these with brownie batter.

So...this week, we welcomed into our world some of our best friends new twins. They did not know what they were having, so I ANXIOUSLY (and patiently) awaited the news. Next week is dedicated to making BABY GIRL stuff! Welcome V and H. What a crafty mom you have (and a strong one too--kept them hibernating for 38 weeks)!

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Nic said...

Awww how sweet are you?!! I love the block hearts and C's hand painted valentines, can't wait to be able to do those things with our girls!