So today was a day of making my favorite project so far! Thank you for the idea The Long Thread! After reading her post on recycled Valentine's Day Softies, I decided to create my own! I used her heart pattern and arm pattern. C of course wanted a heart, but good old G wanted a monster. I had a couple of button down shirts that were in the give-away pile that I picked out and used the material. Then add some scraps of vintage fabric bought at my LYS, Remnantz, some buttons, and embroidery floss, some yarn scraps for the hair, and VOILA....a heart and monster softie! I can't wait to see the kids reactions tomorrow. One would think that I would just save them for a little V-Day surprise, but those don't know me very well. I am not the most patient gift-giver.
Anyway, I just LOVED creating these and think my mind could run away with it.
I will have to follow up with a pic of C and G holding these because they are going to LOVE them!
We have been cooped up inside for the last couple of days because of this crazy weather. First some snow, then tons of ice! It kind of stunk because at least with the snow, we can go out and play, but with ice falling from trees, probably not such a great idea. The kids are ready to be out and about again. We have exhausted baking (an apple cake today), paper crafts (Valentine decorations for the door), and dressing up as batman/batgirl and spiderman/spidergirl.

Leaving you with my newest cast-on...basic easy lace socks for C. Some red bamboo variegated yarn of course. I will say, C happens to be my biggest fan! She gets SO SO excited to get homemade items, from hair clips to dresses, she will be the one that follows in my footsteps. These will be her first handknit socks.

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Nic said...

How cute, I LOVE these!! I hope my kids enjoy handmade as much as C and G! And thanks to you for finding those cute little barrettes, I'm going to try to make the rose ones for our nieces for Valentines day!