Weekend Away

This weekend I traveled up to Lancaster County with four friends. We holed up in the Walnut Lawn Bed and Breakfast all weekend and "crafted". It was wonderful to be able to spend some time away relaxing and sewing all with some fabulous ladies. I can't say enough about the Walnut Lawn B&B. Innkeepers Tom and Sarah were fantastic. This historic house was so comfortable, clean, and interesting, I would highly recommend it to anyone that wants to visit Lancaster. Also, as a bonus, they let us use the whole B&B so we had it to ourselves all weekend. We just set up shop and crafted.

Saturday, I was able to visit a local quilt shop, Burkholders. It is FABULOUS. My mom has ranted and raved about it and she was dead on. This place was totally overwhelming. They had EVERYTHING and cheap too (well at least cheaper than I can get it around me)! I found some great Dr. Seuss material to make pillows for C's preschool class on Dr. Seuss' birthday, I found some beautiful springy material to make dresses out of, and I found lots of great circle prints. I am obsessed with circle fabric and think that I will make a quilt out of them someday:)

Everyone was working on something a bit different. There were two scrapbookers, a hair bow designer, and two sewers.
My first project was the Buttercup Bag. This was a great, easy project. I really like the fabric that I used and the finished product. I made one for myself and one for a friend for an upcoming birthday. I plan on making a few more of these, but maybe next time with a little heavier of a fabric. I used a cotton blend this time and I think I need something sturdier.

A twirly circle skirt was next. This was super easy. I used one of my new scores from Burkholders for this one. C tried it on tonight and was "in love". (Of course she did, it was pink;)

YAY! G finally gets something! This is the perfect present for a little boy that chooses his own clothes everyday and everyday he chooses a "workshirt" and neck tie. I LOVED making this. It was so fun and so easy. I can't way to make more fun ones for him to choose from. The pattern I used was one that I had bought from Dainty Couture on etsy.com. I did however, change the pattern quite a bit. Most specifically, instead of using a plain elastic around the neck, I chose to build a casing and attach velcro at either end to secure it. G has other ties that close this way and this and the clip close seem to work the best. He just loved his present!

Lastly, I started some more baby blocks. this time, I decided on making six half size ones. I did them in the same way as the Big Baby Block, only each of the six had it's own texture. These I cut out were 5"X5". They were slightly bigger than I imagined, so I think if I were going to do a number of them again, it would be a bit smaller. But really, they are turning out great!
Here is the first one (minus the stuffing):

We accomplished quite a bit this weekend, but the best thing was relaxing! It was so nice and cozy. I feel refreshed and ready to face the week! Thanks to the husband for the weekend off!

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